• How much is shipping for US Orders?

    3 Options for Shipping:

    1)  First Class Package includes USPS Tracking®   = $3.25

    2)  USPS Priority Mail® with Insurance                    = $6.98

    3)  FedEx® Standard Overnight (Next Day Service)  = $20

    Please note all US orders who purchase $50 or more are eligible for Free Shipping with tracking. 

    How much is shipping for International Orders?

    2 Options for Shipping:

    1) FedEx International Economy® - with Tracking and Insurance 

    2) USPS First Class Parcel International Shipping - Delivery Confirmation™ (No Tracking)

    Here are the following rates by country for USPS First Class Parcel International Shipping - Delivery Confirmation™ (No Tracking): 

    • Australia - $13.75
    • Brazil - $13.75
    • Canada - $9.75
    • Germany - $13.75
    • India - $38.45
    • Indonesia - $13.75
    • Netherlands - $13.75
    • New Zealand - $13.75
    • Norway - $13.27
    • Saudi Arabia - $46.00 (No USPS First Class Parcel International Shipping - Delivery Confirmation™ or Free Shipping Available)
    • Singapore - $13.75
    • United Kingdom - $13.75
    • United Arab Emirates - $13.75
    • Rest of the World - $13.75 

    Please note all International orders who purchase $100 or more are eligible for Free Shipping.  

    How long does shipping take?

    All orders placed are shipped within 24-48 hours.  You will receive a tracking number via email once your order has been processed.  International packages may be processed through customs regulations which may cause a slight delay with processing times.

    • US Orders - USPS Priority Mail® (2-4 business days) or First Class Package (3-5 business days)
    • International Orders - USPS First Class Parcel International - Delivery Confirmation™ (14-30 business days)
    • International Orders - FedEx International Economy® (5-7 business days)

    What if I did not receive my package?

    For US Orders:  You will need to contact USPS for assistance.  You may go online to the USPS website, enter your tracking number, select Customer Service FAQ and complete the online request for the delayed mail report. Saleha Beauty is not responsible for mail that is misplaced by the Post Office or lost after USPS has successfully delivered the package and provided Delivery Confirmation.  By default, we include $50 insurance on all packages shipped within the US.  So if your purchase gets lost, please contact USPS as soon as possible.  

    For International Orders:  Please allow up to 30 calendar days before contacting us regarding delayed mail.  Depending on what type of shipping method used, you will be able to file a claim for lost package.  PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that if you use International Shipping - Delivery Confirmation™ (No Tracking) Shipping method, there is no Insurance and you are not able to file a claim.  If your package gets lost or is returned back to us due to Incomplete\Incorrect address, depending on the situation, either we can re-ship it back to you again but you will be required to pay for shipping cost or if you choose to get a refund back, we will refund back the cost of the Lipstick(s) only and not the actual shipping cost since this cost was already used to ship your initial order.  So, PLEASE choose your Shipping Options carefully, we have 2 options for you.  

    Thank you for your understanding with this Shipping Policy.   

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